Desert Wind Boffer Combat
& LARP Group

Come for the combat, stay for the fantasy


If the temperature ever reaches over 110 degrees, practice will be cancelled!


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     Welcome to the Desert Wind's official website.

     We meet on Saturdays at 5pm to 8pm & Wednesdays at 5pm to 8pm at Civic Center Park, next to the College of the Desert. Check our calendar to stay updated.

Civic Center Park
43900 San Pablo Avenue
Palm Desert, CA
   Even if you’re not in the Coachella Valley, we would still like you to join us. Please contact us about such. We will be more than happy to give details!

Who we are

Desert Wind is a combat group associated with the medieval combat societies of Belegarth and Dagorhir, with a look and theme based on the fantasy realizations of Tolkien.

 Though we are mainly involved in the sport of boffer combat and are an officially registered realm under the society and world of Belegarth, we also associate with other groups that are more LARP based such as the LARP Alliance and Live Effects groups as well as supplementing other live action groups in the area (no matter the theme or genre) if given the chance.

     Our mission is to encourage social interaction, team work, athleticism, creativity and over all health through the sport of medieval/fantasy combat, using foam padded, simulations of weapons. We strive to immerse our participants into a world of fantasy by following specific guidelines on garb and safety for equipment, agreed upon by the combat societies of Belegarth and Dagorhir